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This is not a free snow play area. You must have rented a tube or snowmobile to be able to come on property.

What is your current holiday schedule?

Christmas: Ends Jan. 8
MLK Day: Friday Jan. 13 & Monday Jan. 16
President’s Day: Friday Feb. 17 & Monday Feb. 20

Can you make a reservation?

Yes, reservations are required.

Where can you park?

We highly recommend any visitors staying within the Casino corridor and Heavenly village to walk.

All casinos offer paid parking, this is completely separate from our business. However, we validate parking for paid customers at the Hard Rock Casino.

How many people at one time on Tahoe Snowmobiles property?

The volume will be adjusted as we progress through the season and will depend upon conditions, open terrain, and current safety practices being observed at the resort. We plan to start the season at a reduced capacity to ensure the highest level of safety for guests and employees.

Will tubes be sanitized between use?

Tubes will be sanitized between uses at the end or beginning of each session. Some tubes will be kept out of rotation to ensure sanitization protocols can be followed with minimal impact to the guest.

Will food be available to purchase at Tahoe Snowmobiles?

Neither food nor drinks are available for purchase.

Are restrooms available?

Portable restrooms are available at Tahoe Snowmobiles for your use.

Can two people still ride a snowmobile at the same time?

Yes. Kids 5 and up are allowed as long as the helmet fits. Each snowmobile comes with 2 helmets of which everyone must have their own helmet.

Are we still able to share helmets?

No, every rider must have their own helmet. Each snowmobile rental comes with two helmets. Up to 2 additional helmets can be rented for $5 each.

Can two people still ride a snow tube at the same time?

Children up to 42” are permitted to ride with an adult. Up to two adults may swap out riding the snow tube during the rental time but two adults can not ride the tube at the same time.

Can I bring my own tube or sled?

No, we do not allow any outside equipment.

Does everyone have to sign the waiver?

Yes, everyone on our property has to have a waiver filled out with their name, regardless of participation.

Why do I have to fill out a waiver if I’m just standing here taking pictures?

In the case that you slip and fall or another customer runs into you, everyone in the situation is covered.

Can I come back to snowmobile, we want to get lunch after tubing?

No, if your reservation is tubing/snowmobiling back to back you cannot leave and come back as we can’t promise there will be availability.

I thought the hills were bigger, can I get a refund for my tubes?

No, unfortunately we do not offer refunds. Lots of adults rent tubes all day and have fun.

Can my 4 year old ride between my legs?

No, unfortunately it is a strict policy of 5 years or older to ride the snowmobiles.

Is there a magic carpet to pull your tube back up the hill?

No, you will be pulling your own tube back up the hill.

Can I come on the property if I am not tubing or snowmobiling?

Yes, but we do charge a spectator fee of $10 per person